Top E-cigarettes (Vapes) For Beginners in 2018

Here you will find interesting and up-to-date information on electronic cigarettes. Popular models of electronic cigarettes are constantly changing, manufacturers often produce new models that may be better or worse than previous models. It's hard for a newcomer to choose a really good device from the ever-expanding list of models. We present to you the best models of e cigarettes for today.

The Effect of Vapes on Health

A great number of people who quit smoking with the help of veiling or just are going to do it, are interested in how vapes affect on their health, really after long years of smoking one can get rid of shortness of breath, cough? To understand this, it is necessary to understand the principles of the e cigarette work. Any e cigarette is a simple device consisting of:

The battery supplies energy to the evaporator coil. The evaporator is installed in a clinicizer or a tank, where liquid is poured for e cigarettes. As the temperature increases, the spiral warms up the wick (cotton wool) and causes evaporation of the liquid, transforming it into steam. The liquid can be with and without nicotine. In any case, you do not get those harmful toxins, tar, carcinogens, as with tobacco smoking. The liquid consists of propylene glycol, glycerin (used in the food industry), flavors, water. All components are harmless and even if they release toxins, they are thousands of times less than tobacco, which was confirmed by no research. The constituents in the liquid are not forbidden. They can easily be bought separately, which means they are harmless to human health. During the last five years, dozens of studies have been conducted on the possible harm of vaping, but so far scientists have not come to a general conclusion - whether a vape is dangerous or not. During scientists' arguing, vapping is gradually becoming popular all over the world and hundreds of thousands of Americans, Europeans, and Asian residents are switching to vape every year. Even in a small France, the number of vapers has reached about 700 thousand people. Of course, the most effective test is the people reviews who quit smoking with a vaping. In just 1-2 months, when a person with a 10-year experience of smoking throws a bad habit - it is worthy of respect. As many vapers note, it's easy to give up smoking psychologically, because every time you want to smoke a cigarette, it's enough to get a similar electronic device from your pocket and breathe in vapour.